Fondy Teens 4 Life 

If you are a teen who believes that life is precious and worth protecting from conception to natural death 
join us 
Meetings are normally held the 1st Tuesday of each month at 5:00pm at St Agnes Hospital 
downstairs meeting room by the cafeteria. Dinner is provided. 
For more info call Bev 960-6615 or email 

We will be joining the Fond du Lac Chapter for their Volunteer Thank You Picnic 
instead of a meeting on August 5th. 
(see the details on the Home page)
The teens will have games and prizes for all of the younger kids attending.
Please come, bring your family - join in the fun and enjoy the good food! 


"The Fondy Teens 4 Life  standing together at the

Fond du Lac Lifechain.

What do Fondy Teens 4 Life do?

  • Go to WRTL events, such as the Legislative Conference, the Ed Fund Dinner, the State Wide Conference and the Wisconsin Teens for Life Leadership Camps.
  • Participate in Pro-life gatherings  - such as the March for Life in DC, 40 Days for Life Prayer Vigils, Fond du Lac Life Chain and peaceful prayer times in front of various Planned Parenthood facilities.
  • Volunteer at local nursing homes - playing games and decorating cookies with residents.
  • Support New Beginnings Pregnancy home with baby items and groceries.
  •  Volunteer at the FDL Chapter booths and events.
  • Conduct Fundraising activities to support our work and costs to attend pro-life gatherings.
  • Hang out with other teens that believe in the Right to LIFE.
  • Work to educate our peers and others about why we believe in the intrinsic value of LIFE from fertilization to natural death.


 Silent Solidarity

My name is Chelsea Brooks. I am a freshman and I was the only one to do "day of silent solidarity" at Fond du Lac High School. I thought that it was a great experience. I had Lots of fun. There were a few people who were really rude but they didn't bother me. I stand for what I believe in and I will not let a few people mess me up by some comments. I thought that being silent all day was a great way to show people what abortion is really like. Like they say… “Can you give your voice for a DAY, for those who have no voice to give?” I plan on doing it again for the next 3 years and hopefully continuing on in college.

Every year we attend the Wis Right to Life State Conference. We learn so much from the sessions and are inspired by the motivational speakers. Many people visited our booth and told us how WE inspire them!

(pictured left to right: Mary Karsten, Chelsea Brooks, Ann Karsten Caleb DeGroot, Kailyn Rodriguez, Kaylin Lee, and Alicia Rodriguez)

Kailyn and Caleb worked at the Wisconsin Right to Life Ed Fund Dinner in 2014. They had to go on stage to illustrate the fun coin toss game in front of 1800 people and wore out their shoes working in a hall the size of a football field but it was worth it to hear the tremendous speaker, Dr. Ben Carson.  Dr. Carson is a retired neurosurgeon, author of "America the Beautiful" and a book and movie, "Gifted Hands" out about his life. 


    Videos from

Lila Rose, founder of Live Action, on Glenn Beck talking about her undercover work to expose Planned Parenthood. 

Interview with Lila Rose

Overview on Abortion from 
 Video from

The FT4L support LIFE at all stages – from conception, youth, adult, to natural death.”