Our Mission:  "To make euthanasia, infanticide, abortion, and destruction of human embryos socially, ethically, and legally unacceptable solutions to human problems and to promote positive alternatives to each of these acts."

Regular Monthly Meeting

Tuesday September 1
6:30 - 8:00 pm
St. Agnes Hospital, lower level (near cafeteria)

Items for discussion and action include:  

report on booth at Fond du Lac County Fair;  final plans for presence at Fondue Fest on September 6;  celebrate closing of Planned Parenthood in Fond du Lac;  make plans for annual Life Chain in October;  ongoing upgrades to web site;  articles for Chapter Fall newsletter.  A short right to life video will be shown, if available.  

All persons interested in advancing the right to life movement are cordially invited to attend.  

Call 921-5517 for more information or click on the picnic flyer below for details 

"But I feel that the greatest destroyer of peace today is abortion, because it is a war against the child - a direct killing of the innocent child ... 

How do we persuade a woman not to have an abortion? 

As always, we must persuade her with love, and we remind ourselves that love means to be willing to give until it hurts. Jesus gave even his life to love us. So the mother who is thinking of abortion, should be helped to love - that is, to give until it hurts her plans, or her free time, to respect the life of her child. The father of that child, whoever he is, must also give until it hurts. . ."   MOTHER TERESA  


 Michael J. Wolfe  2014 Essay Contest  

Congratulations to the Winners

  First Place - Kailyn Rodriguez   

 Second Place - Chelsea Brooks

 Third Place -   Katie Kurer        

First Place Winner 2013-2014 

Kailyn Rodriguez


On February 16th 2013, my niece Lily Rose was born. Holding her for the first time and looking at her perfect little body, I thought to myself, “Wow, life is a beautiful thing.” I could never see in one’s eyes the justification of taking such a blessing out of this world before he or she even got the chance to enter into it. Tragically, every single day a silent horror kills more people than the 3,000 that were killed on 9/11.

Abortion is the direct killing of an unborn child in the mother’s womb. Many people are unaware of the outcome of this and are pressured into having an abortion. Abortion not only hurts the baby who is begging for a chance at life on the inside, but it can also hurt the woman getting the abortion. It not only causes physical pain on women, but also mental and emotional pain that, without God’s grace and forgiveness, may last a lifetime.

Take a look around you. For every fourth child you see, one is not
here with us because of someone’s “choice.” Who knows what that fourth child could have become if given a chance at life? He or she could have been a doctor. How
about an adoption counselor? Maybe even an astronaut! No one will ever know because they were killed before they were able to take their first breath of air. Everyone should get a chance at life. Life is a right, not a choice. Do they not deserve this right? Have they done something which makes life not an option for them? No!

Many people will argue that abortion is the “woman’s choice”. Why should the unborn baby be punished for not being wanted by it’s mother? Women give many different reasons as to why they don’t want to have their baby. Some women will say they don’t have the money or they are too young. Others will say its nothing but a blob of tissue, or that they

are pregnant because of rape.

Not having very much money, and being pregnant can be a very scary thing. However, there is help out there! There are so many people and places who understand what you’re going through, and will do what they can to help you. There are pregnancy help centers in some cities, and pregnancy hotlines you can reach out to for advice and encouragement. They will tell you positive alternatives to abortion, and lead you in the right direction.

There is countless evidence of an unborn baby not being a “blob of tissue.” The unborn baby's heart starts to beat at only three weeks, before most women even know they’re pregnant. Brain waves can be detected at just six weeks after conception. At only eight weeks gestation, babies can get hiccups and even start swallowing amniotic fluid! By eleven weeks every organ of that baby’s little body is right where God put it. This unborn child clearly isn’t just a “blob of tissue.” There are so many arguments that women and Pro­Choice advocates use to justify having an abortion. Out of all of them, I feel that rape is used the most as an excuse to abort, yet it in all actuality, less than 2% of abortions are performed because of rape. In the terrifying event of rape, abortion is still never the answer. If a woman were to get raped, why would she murder her child for the crime of the baby’s father? Do we kill toddlers in the event that they are abused by their father? No, we don’t. So why is it okay to kill an unborn baby because of the father’s crime? It is my sincere belief that abortion is never the answer to an unplanned or unwanted pregnancy.

There are so many other options out there that can be used in place of abortion.

Adoption is an amazing alternative. There are over two million couples that are on adoption waiting lists, and would be thrilled to adopt. For every baby that is born, 36 couples want to adopt that baby. A baby is never unwanted!

I have been involved with the pro­life movement for five years now. I have attended three Wisconsin Right to Life conventions, and I also have had the privilege of attending two Right to Life Leadership Camps. I am also an active member of Fondy Teens for Life. We are students working together to help out our community and do what we can to make a difference in the Right to Life movement. I bring this highly debatable topic up as much as I can, hoping to change the hearts and minds of my peers that are not already on the Pro­Life side. If we all stand together as one, we can be the voice for the voiceless and live to see abortion be illegal in every state, for every reason.


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"U.S. abortion statistics." Abort73.com. Loxafamosity Ministries, INC, 2010. Web. 29 Nov 2010.


Second Place Winner 2013-2014 

Chelsea Brooks

Teens Can Make a Difference!

Did you know there were 1.21 million legal abortions performed in the United States in 2008! (1) Teenage abortion rate in 2008 was 17.8 abortions per 1,000 girls compared to 43.5 in 1988. Abortion rates have been declining and we hope to keep it that way.

More teens are prolife and many popular things today are proof of that even though the premise in some cases may not be what you might like. A movie that just came out shows a huge impact a baby can have on families. (2) Twilight's Breaking Dawn - Part 1 has got to be the biggest pro-life teen movie I have seen. The main character Bella, a human, gets pregnant after she married the love of her life, a vampire. The baby is a mix, a vampire human hybrid, a lot of the characters kept referring to the baby as ̈it ̈ and ̈the fetus ̈. Bella was even told that she could die carrying her baby full term, but she decided to keep the baby! She offered her life for this child with only one person on her side! This baby was tearing her family apart and she wasn't even born yet! In the end that baby made her family stronger and it was pretty neat that she was saved. Vampire movies are a big deal right now, that may not be good, but the point is about life being valuable and that is reaching teens!

There are plenty of songs that are popular that speak about choosing life. One song that I really enjoyed is (3) FUN by Some Nights. The lead singer sings about his sister who was abandoned by her boyfriend after finding out she was pregnant and she chose to keep the baby. ̈My heart is breaking for my sister, and the con that she called love. When I look into my nephew's eyes... Man, you wouldn't believe, the most


amazing things that can come from... some terrible lies... ̈ This reaches out to the younger generation, and I believe it is we who will make a difference!

The issue of abortion is important to me because I see the effect that abortion has had on many people. My family and friends have been changed due to abortion and many people that I have met regret making that choice. If we get the word out to girls who haven't been through anything like this we could stop the situation from happening later. If girls are more informed about things they might not just jump to abortion. Lots of girls think that they would not be able to finish school or go to college if they have a baby. They don't know that there are people out there who are willing to help them get through things.

Going to pro-life meetings and doing research has helped me to know that there are plenty of options, like adoption. Just not having sex until you are married is a huge thing I believe in. I plan on continuing to invite friends to our right-to-life meetings and events and hopefully they will invite their friends. Planning events and just getting the word out that there are other options I hope will help out a lot. If we can continue to get these numbers to keep going down, one day abortion may be gone completely!

1.http://womensissues.about.com/od/teenpregnancy/a/Teen-Pregnancy-Rate-And-Teen- Abortion-Rate-In-The-United-States.htm

2. The movie Breaking Dawn - Part 1 3. The song Fun by Some Nights 

Third Place Winner 2013-14 

Katie Kurer

A Match Made in Heaven

If you or someone you know is praying for the gift of life, never give up hope. Miracles happen everyday. Imagine this: The doctor comes in with news: as indicated by the ultrasound, your little girl has Downs syndrome. You’re holding your special, beautiful, unique daughter. Thinking of your five children at home, you wonder, “How on Earth are we going to be able to take care of a child with special needs and another with Downs?” This was reality for the Manning family. Now with two children with medical conditions, they faced a tough decision.

Their son, Marko, has special needs, and requires more one on one time than can be given to him with a new baby, especially one with Downs. He is legally blind and deaf, and in a wheelchair. The sweet little boy also needs oxygen continuously. So, Fredricka and Mark started considering their options. They asked Archbishop Timothy Dolan if it would be sinful to put the baby up for adoption. He thought that it might be the best option for the family and the baby. This precious little baby, Gianna was put up for adoption.

Charles and Deb Nevsimal were hoping, praying, asking God for a child, and soon their prayers were answered. The match made in Heaven was made known to them the weekend after Mother’s Day. After much prayer about adopting a child with Downs, they decided in the affirmative. They soon met their new daughter, Gianna.

How does this relate to being pro-life? The answer is simple. After the ultrasound when Fredricka found out her child would likely have Downs syndrome, the doctor informed her that it was the last chance they had to consider abortion, and it would be the best option. The family never considered not keeping the baby or giving it life.

Gianna is now four years old and has a wonderful life with adoring parents. If Fredricka had made a different decision, Charles and Deb wouldn’t have Gianna to love and cherish, and she is the light of their world.

Adoption is an amazing gift. If you have a baby you can’t care for, adoption is the only moral option. Abortion is killing a living being, a great miraculous child. This is something very personal to me because Gianna is a member of my Church. I also have a cousin with very severe Downs syndrome and she has very little communication ability. My aunt and uncle could have easily aborted the baby when they found out, but they chose life!

The option of choosing life is extremely important and should be promoted. I am planning to go to Washington D.C for the March For Life event. This will be a great opportunity for me to grow in my faith, and in my belief of being pro-life.

Life is a gift. It’s meant to be treasured and respected. The gift of life should be shared, and never eliminated!